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Author/Illustrator John R. Tiedjens and Chewy

In this TRUE story Chewy, an adorable but misunderstood pup is repeatedly returned to the animal shelter for what seemed to be annoying and eccentric behavior. Fate and good fortune cross paths when two kindhearted performers who happen to own a popularly renowned dog show see him at the shelter and decide to adopt “the little red pup.”

Author/Illustrator John R. Tiedjens (AKA JR Johns of the renowned Dog Show Dog Gone Silly) was inspired to tell this geniune story of Chewy as well as all his other talented four legged partners. His career as a performer has spanned decades sharing the stage with his rescued canines and each one of his marvelous dogs came to him with a similar history. John felt Chewy’s story exemplified all their stories so well across his many years of living, training and performing with them everyday. In addition he felt it also represents a human story of most everyone’s struggles, hopes and triumphs as we all learn to discover our talents and place in life. Over the years his dogs are the continual source of his artistic inspiration and passion whether on or off stage.

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Chewy the Amazing Red Pup

"A pup named Chewy who was always alone could not understand why he did not have a home. People loved how he looked-his face a heart-melter-but he'd always end up returned to the shelter. "He's crazy!" they'd say. "He's goofy and klutzy. He won't learn a darn thing. He's just down right nutsy!" The shelter would welcome him back and then try, to make him feel better when he'd start to cry."